Honeywell Integrated Security


Dealer Service Certification

Honeywell Integrated Security has developed a program that is designed to enhance the quality of support and services that are delivered to end users from dealers. Our Dealer Service Certification Program recognizes not only the investments that our dealers make in servicing our products for end users, but also the requirements that end users place on us for supporting highly qualified dealers.

Honeywell Integrated Security has developed the Dealer Service Certification Program because we recognize that successful dealers deliver high quality service to their customers. This has enabled them to improve customer satisfaction and build customer loyalty. By emphasizing great service these dealers differentiate themselves from the competition, while creating value that the "quality" customers are looking for.

Consequently, they sell additional systems, incremental add-ons, and other types of services. Clearly, quality service can enhance overall system satisfaction both short and long term. This creates a winning service program for our dealers, end users and Honeywell Integrated Security.

The increasing complexity of products being installed in today’s security management system environments, such as networks, smartcards, biometrics, and integration to other security devices, can challenge even the most technically proficient organization. In addition, dealers who make the investment and effort to deliver quality service deserve recognition for their efforts. Both dealers and end -users expect and demand better service.

Program Objectives

The goal of the program is to achieve and maintain the highest level of dealer and end user satisfaction in the industry. To that end, the objectives are to:

  • Clearly define the roles and responsibilities for both dealers and Honeywell Integrated Security
  • Encourage dealers to invest in improving their service capabilities
  • Set rigorous service requirements for dealers who wish to attain service certification
  • Measure the performance of dealers and Honeywell Integrated Security
  • Manage the program to assure quality is maintained
Program Benefits

Some of the key benefits of service certification include:

  • Competitive service differentiator - service certified dealers are identified as proficient in servicing Honeywell Integrated Security systems and authorized to use certification emblem on proposals, advertising, etc.
  • Quicker support response times - service certified dealers receive preference in the call queue so that technicians solve problems faster
  • Automatic problem escalation - Proactive Honeywell Integrated Security management involvement for extended problems reduces downtime
  • Focused technical support resources - support personnel are familiar with the service certified dealer’s operation, personnel and accounts
  • Customer satisfaction program - learn what you need to do to improve your customers’ level of satisfaction
  • Access to call information - view the outstanding calls for accounts anytime. Current status available when you want to review it