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Pro-Watch® Security Management Suite 4.2


Designed to meet the challenges of today’s demanding environments, Honeywell’s Pro-Watch security management suite provides the flexibility, scalability and control required for comprehensive security management. Pro-Watch equips organizations with the right tools to protect people, secure assets and ensure regulatory compliance by combining access control, digital video, intrusion and other functions into one powerful system.

Integration with access control and video systems from Honeywell and third party manufacturers makes it possible to leverage existing installed hardware as the system expands. Modular hardware and software options make it easy and cost-effective to expand a system to keep up with growing business needs.

With Pro-Watch Web Based Client, customers can utilize their existing network infrastructure to provide remote security management for badging, reporting, and alarm and event monitoring. Less software allows for savings on installation costs and time while continuing to provide optimal security protection.

The Pro-Watch suite offers base software licenses that address security needs from small sites to global enterprises:

  • Pro-Watch Lite Edition: Basic functionality for the small office with support for up to 32 doors on PW-Series panels.
  • Pro-Watch Professional Edition: Complete security functionality with more options for medium-sized organizations with up to 64 doors or organizations requiring integrated processes or regulatory compliance.
  • Pro-Watch Corporate Edition: Complete security for larger organizations and campuses. Additional high availability options make this edition the optimal choice for organizations requiring 24/7 business continuity plans for their security system.
  • Pro-Watch Enterprise Edition: Global security system that merges multiple Pro-Watch Corporate Edition systems to efficiently manage badgeholder data and report on events across the organization.

Pro-Watch streamlines tasks with a common user interface to improve operator effectiveness and help organizations minimize training costs. Events may be routed to specific workstations and linked to automated system responses such as camera call-ups and outward notifications. Options for integrating intercom and mass notification components provide a vital link to the security dispatch center.

Pro-Watch provides comprehensive options for audit and reporting to address forensics, compliance and business intelligence data mining needs. The Reporting application includes basic report templates and the capability generate custom reports. Reports can be exported as XLS, CSV and PDF formats.

Pro-Watch provides a solid and proven platform for security systems. It is deployed widely and successfully in office buildings of any size, manufacturing facilities, campuses, government buildings and critical infrastructure.


  • Web Based Client for Badging, Reporting, Alarm and Event Monitoring.
  • Supports Windows Server 2008/2012/2012 R2, SQL Server 2008/2012, Windows 7/8/8.1 (32-bt and 64-bit)
  • Single user interface for multiple security and business functions
  • Integrates video, access, and intrusion. Add HSDK and Pro-Watch can be integrated with other building systems such as secondary fire, lighting and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.
  • Elevator control
  • Tracks assigned assets
  • Custom triggers and procedures
  • Associates events to actions including sending emails, running a stored procedure, or triggering a panel I/O point. Events may be triggered at the Pro-Watch level for panel-to-panel and panel-to-software actions or within a panel for local actions.
  • Basic Reports
  • Virtualization support for VMWare and Microsoft® Hyper-V
  • Compliance Reports that offers
    – Data and statistical reporting
    – Auto generated reports upon schedules
  • Easy system setup and maintenance with user definable hardware templates
  • Database partitioning and definable operator permissions
  • IP, serial and modem communications
  • CASI Micro/5 Replacement Program
  • Professional, Corporate and Enterprise editions:
    – Standard Badging and Advanced Badging client
    – 2-D PDF417 barcode add-on license for badging
    – Option for Transportation Security Clearinghouse (TSC) background checks in Pro-Watch AP (Airport)
    – Integration to Honeywell’s VISTA® panels FBP-128/250 and GX in North America and to Honeywell’s Galaxy Dimension GD-48, GD-96, GD-264, GD-520 in Europe
    – Event Procedures triggers on consecutive duplicate events
    – Mustering, anti-passback and guard tour
    – Minimum and maximum occupancy enforcement
    – Integrates video devices added in MAXPRO® VMS
    – Supports Commend intercom system servers GE200, GE300, GE700 and GE800
    – Detailed historic records for tracking configuration changes, security operations and device events to comply with audit requirements for regulatory compliance
    – Intercoms linked to readers and locations on maps provide quick access to specific units
    – Supports R14 and later AutoCAD files (DWFx or XPS) with add-on license
    – Options for integrating biometrics, third-party hardware, radar-video solutions and IT convergence
    – High availability and redundant server solutions (Corporate Edition)
    – Support for Wireless Locksets from Allegion, Assa Abloy, and Salto
    – Support for Disconnected Locksets from Salto

Product Documentation

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Data Sheets
Data sheet – Hardware 134.51 KB 06/19/17
Data Sheet – M-5 Conversion 128.95 KB 06/19/17
Data Sheet - Pro-Watch® 4.2 596.68 KB 01/30/15
Data Sheet - Pro-Watch® 4.2-French 622.83 KB 06/02/16
Data Sheet - Pro-Watch® 4.2-Portuguese 625.69 KB 06/02/16
Data Sheet - Pro-Watch® 4.2-Spanish 634.5 KB 06/01/16
Brochure / Sales Material
Pro-Watch® - Campus 1.6 MB 02/14/17
Pro-Watch® - Healthcare 483.26 KB 07/22/14
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Pro-Watch® Ad 619.49 KB 07/22/14
Installation Guide: Pro-Watch® 4.2 5.26 MB 01/28/15
Pro-Watch® Eco-System Compatibility Matrix and System Dependencies 197.4 KB 01/28/15
Quick Guide: Pro-Watch® 4.2 Getting Started 24.66 KB 01/28/15
User Guide: Pro-Watch® 4.2 34.5 MB 01/28/15
User Guide: Pro-Watch® 4.2 Enterprise 6.22 MB 08/21/14
User Guide: Pro-Watch® 4.2 Software Keys 1.47 MB 02/14/17
User Guide: Pro-Watch® 4.2 Web Interface Guide 10.95 MB 01/28/15
Release Notes
Release Notes - Pro-Watch® 4.2 542.81 KB 02/04/16
Engineering Documents
Pro-Watch 4.2 A&E Specs 49.13 KB 01/28/15
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