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Honeywell's MAXPRO VMS (video management system) controls multiple sources of video subsystems to collect, manage and present video in a clear and concise manner. MAXPRO VMS intelligently determines the capabilities of each subsystem across various sites, allowing video management of any analog or digital video device through a unified configuration and viewer. The subsystems can be analog matrix switches or digital/network video recorders allowing any analog or digital input to be viewed on any analog or digital monitor. Users can benefit from using traditional analog systems and IP-network systems at the same time to ensure maximum use of their initial investments. These subsystems range from Honeywell matrix switchers, DVR/NVRs and 3rd party systems.

Control of MAXPRO VMS can be through a traditional joystick controller, mouse or even through third party interface. The extremely powerful rules engine (Macro’s) allows customization of the system to respond and control in the best possible manner for the application. MAXPRO VMS is highly scalable so users can easily expand their video surveillance network from small to medium single instances to enterprise level supporting thousands of devices. Additionally, MAXPRO VMS includes integration with Honeywell’s Pro-Watch® security management system, Active Alert® and People Counter video analytics, as well as other Honeywell products and solutions. The feature-rich user interface truly offers a unified management platform across many disparate systems to further embody Honeywell's concept of "Learn One, Know Them All."

Market Opportunities

MAXPRO VMS is ideal for facilities requiring at-risk critical infrastructure protection such as airports, seaports, large multi-site commercial buildings, casinos, and other high-profile facilities. It is the perfect client-server video management solution for locations requiring the use of both digital and analog technologies.


  • Feature-rich and user-friendly Client interface to view video from numerous different recorders from a single point
  • Role-based operator privileges
  • Web client option for simple, no license, no software install applications
  • Redundant server option increases system reliability
  • Operators can log on using their local language and the built-in messaging system allows operators to share video scenes via instant messages.
  • Auto-discovery of cameras connected to supported recorders
  • A Single MAXPRO Server can support numerous recording sub systems(NVR/DVR's)
  • Remote monitor feature allows controlling all moniotrs from a single client (Monitor Wall control)
  • An extremely powerful macro programming language is available to fully customize actions based on events
  • Surrounding cameras mode with presets, makes following subjects of interest simple and efficient by allowing the nearest camera of interest to be immediately in view
  • Incident management mode allows creating a single clip with multiple cameras at different times that can be played back sequentially or simultaneously through a salvo layout
  • Remote monitor mode allows sharing and controlling a remote monitor while still viewing locally
  • Control any analog or digital monitor from a single workstation or joystick keyboard. Allows the system to be used as a true analog and digital matrix.
  • Ability to investigate events and alarms by simultaneously viewing alarm video at various stages. For every alarm, users can view the video captured during pre-alarm, on-alarm, post-alarm, and also view live video from the camera which triggered the alarm through a single 2x2 salvo.
  • Enriched video viewing experience through intuitive video rendering engine optimizes CPU utilization by altering the video frame rate
  • Search and find video through event view or timeline. Preview search allows viewing a snapshot at various times to quickly narrow the scene of interest.
  • Commentable bookmarks allow users to tag scenes of interest so as to easily return to the scene
  • Distributed architecture in the form of multiple MAXPRO servers in a Parent Child topolgy facilitates "Enterprise" style deployment.

Product Documentation

Title   Size Date
Data Sheets
MAXPRO® VMS Data Sheet 136.01 KB 07/30/18
Brochure / Sales Material
Brochure - MAXPRO® IP Video Solutions 4.16 MB 05/15/17
MAXPRO VMS Brochure – Portuguese 468.12 KB 06/02/16
MAXPRO VMS Brochure – Spanish 8.86 MB 06/02/16
MAXPRO® VMS Brochure 3.32 MB 07/09/15
Alarm Compatibility Matrix - MAXPRO® VMS 93.5 KB 06/06/18
Detailed Process for Licensing MAXPRO® NVR or MAXPRO® VMS Software 60.13 KB 03/21/14
Device Features Compatibility Matrix - MAXPRO® VMS 67.42 KB 06/06/18
Installation & Configuration Guide - MAXPRO® VMS 19.44 MB 06/06/18
Interoperability matrix, Video and Access systems 33.99 KB 10/26/17
Operator's Guide - MAXPRO® VMS 13.96 MB 06/06/18
Software Release Bulletin - MAXPRO® VMS 949.06 KB 06/06/18
Surveillance and Security for Casinos 748.66 KB 02/05/15
Troubleshooting Guide - MAXPRO® VMS 1.63 MB 06/06/18
Release Notes
Permissions & Recommendations Notes - MAXPRO® VMS 630.24 KB 06/06/18
Securing MAXPRO® VMS Technical Notes 2.28 MB 06/06/18
Silent Installation Note - MAXPRO® VMS 185.9 KB 06/06/18
Engineering Documents
MAXPRO VMS A&E 37.08 KB 06/13/17
Ordering Information

Part No. Description
MAXPRO VMS - Part Numbers and Licensing
MAXPRO VMS - Part Numbers and Licensing
HNMSWVMS VMS Base Software includes: MAXPRO VMS, SQL 2012 Express, includes Licenses for One (1) MAXPRO VIEW Client, with 64-channel interface to MAXPRO NVR Series, IP Engine, Enterprise NVR , MAXPRO-Net and VideoBloX Matrix Switch. (Add “-B” to P/N for redundant server licenses)
SSAHNMBASE Annual software support agreement - MAXPRO VMS Base software
MAXPRO Client License - one license per connected workstation (Client application can run multiple instances) (Add “-B” to P/N for redundant server licenses)
HNMSWCL MAXPRO View - Single Client License
SSAHNMW1 Annual software support agreement - Single (1) Client
SSAHNMW5 Annual software support agreement - Five (5) Client
SSAHNMW10 Annual software support agreement - Ten (10) Client
MAXPRO VMS Base Channel License (Add “-B” to P/N for redundant server licenses)
HNM64 Additional 64 Base Channels HNM384 Additional 384 Base Channels
HNM128 Additional 128 Base Channels HNM448 Additional 448 Base Channels
HNM192 Additional 192 Base Channels HNM512 Additional 512 Base Channels
HNM256 Additional 256 Base Channels    
MAXPRO VMS with Active Alert® Video Analytics - one license per analytics channel
HNMHVAB HVA - Base Package HNMHVASI HVA - Smart Impressions
HNMHVAS HVA - Standard Package HNMHVAPC HVA - People Counter
HNMHVAP Additional 256 Base Channels    
MAXPRO VMS Lite - Part Numbers and Licensing
MAXPRO VMS Lite - Base Software and Licenses
HNMSWVMSLT MAXPRO VMS Lite Software includes: MAXPRO VMS, SQL 2012 Express, includes Licenses for One (1) MAXPRO VIEW Client, with 64-channel interface to MAXPRO NVR Series, IP Engine, Enterprise NVR, MAXPRO-Net and VideoBloX Matrix Switch. Expandable up to a maximum of three Clients and 128 Channels. No third party adapter support. (Add “-B” to P/N for redundant server licenses)
SSAHNMLT Annual software support agreement - MAXPRO VMS Lite software
MAXPRO VMS Lite Base Channel License - one license per video input
HNM64 Additional 64 Base Channels
MAXPRO VMS Lite Upgrade

MAXPRO VMS Version Recorder Compatibility
Recorder Models R310 B313
Current release
R300 SP2 B215
Prior release
R300 SP1 B203
Prior release
R300 B188
Prior release
Maxpro NVR
IP Engine
HRDP H.264
Pelco DX8100 x x
Pelco Digital Sentry
Milestone Xprotect Enterprise
LG x
EXACQ x x x
EXACQ x x x
Panasonic WJ-HD Series
✓ Supported     x Not Supported     •Support for this recorder will be available with an upcoming driver update

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