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Pro-Watch Integration Program

Pro-Watch® Integration Program


The Pro-Watch Integration Program is an exclusive Honeywell Integrated Security (HIS) offering that combines professional training, certification and graphical toolsets into a single offering—enabling easy implementation that reduces development time. Integrators and end users of the program can now integrate security with building, industrial or enterprise systems, using an open architecture platform that allows extensive integration resulting in increased operational efficiencies and better productivity.

The platform for the Pro-Watch Integration Program is composed of an interconnected ecosystem that allows you to drive effortless integration to any third party system using the Pro-Watch Integration Kit – a software development kit that allows you to build customized modules and apps based on your needs and goals.


Benefits for HIS authorized integrators:

  • Helps you increase profitability and maintain a competitive edge by expanding your portfolio with customized applications (apps) that meet the unique needs of your customers.
  • Features open architecture, enabling you to build customized apps quickly and easily—saving time and money.
  • Helps you maximize investment in staff. Train a senior-level technician instead of requiring a dedicated software engineer.

Benefits for HIS end users:

  • Allows Pro-Watch to interrelate with organizational systems to tighten security and enhance business processes. E.g. customized apps can help control energy costs by integrating disparate building systems, resulting in increased efficiencies.
  • Features open architecture that enables you to leverage investments in existing technologies to create flexible, cutting edge solutions.
  • Lets you better utilize security staff to manage multiple systems from a single interface, leading to higher productivity.

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